New Zealand Inventory of Chemicals (NZIoC) June 2017 update

The June 2017 version of the New Zealand Inventory of Chemicals (NZIoC) has been published, adding 52 new listings and revising the status of 7 substances already listed. The NZIoC is a database of all the hazardous chemical components of products approved under group standards. Group standards are approvals for a group of hazardous substances of a similar nature, type or use. A group standard sets out conditions that enable a group of hazardous substances to be managed safely. Most domestic and workplace chemicals (except for pesticides, veterinary medicines, timber treatment chemicals and vertebrate toxic agents) are approved under group standards. Many group standards require the hazardous components of products covered under these approvals to be listed on the NZIoC. The NZIoC is updated regularly with new chemicals that have been notified and verified. If you have a new product you can check the list to see if you comply with the group standard condition. Notification of a new chemical component will be required when the substance containing the new chemical is first imported or manufactured in New Zealand. To notify a new chemical component, an Application Form for Notification of New Chemical Components Approved under Group Standards must be submitted.

Chemtrac, 13 June 2017 ; ;