No arguments: design work for good mental health

Safe Work Australia has recently released a new video as part of its virtual seminar series. In the new video, Dr Kirsten Way challenges some of the arguments commonly cited by business owners against building a mentally healthy workplace. How does ‘reasonably practicable’ apply to mental health? Dr Way closely explains what “reasonably practicable” really means when it comes to ensuring psychological health in the workplace by addressing each of the five relevant matters listed in the WHS laws. “Employers are unquestionably duty-bound to manage the risks associated with the mental health disorders associated with work,” explains Dr Way. “The only way to get an accurate idea of the likelihood and severity of harm is to ask your workers about their experiences of these risk factors.” Dr Kirsten Way is an organisational psychologist, occupational therapist and ergonomist who specialises in the study of worker and group-level psychology and its influence on various aspects of organisational performance, particularly WHS and injury management. The video is available at:

Safe Work Australia, 14 October 2016 ; ;