No more mercury in lots of fluorescent tubes


It will soon be the end of the most common fluorescent tubes at home. It saves the environment and health from many tons of mercury.

The EU has adopted a ban on three very popular fluorescent tubes, which hang in large numbers in Danish office and service companies, agriculture, industry, warehouses, shops, schools and institutions.

The fluorescent tubes are called T5, T8 and CFLni and contain mercury, which is one of the most dangerous environmental toxins available.

The EU itself estimates that the change to the rules will save the environment and health at least three tonnes of mercury by 2035.

Specifically, the new rules mean that from February and August 2023, respectively, it will be prohibited to send new CFLni and T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes on the European market. It is still permitted for dealers to sell out of their stocks after this, just as consumers can continue to buy fluorescent tubes as long as stocks are available and use already purchased fluorescent tubes.

Read More, 07-09-22