Northern Ireland news update: COVID-19 support scheme; emergency use application for Diquat


The Newsroom at Farming Life published an article today in which a number of current issues are brought to the attention of potato growers and other stakeholders in the arable and horticulture industries. We provide a brief summary of some of these here – read the extensive report with more details on the Farming Life website.

COVID-19 potato support scheme

Funding of up to £1.6m is available to potato growers who specialise in supplying potatoes for processing to meet food service and hospitality industry needs. This funding will help offset losses caused by the closure of these market outlets and subsequent market disturbance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID–19 financial support

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) have welcomed the coronavirus (COVID-19) financial support package for both processing potatoes and ornamental horticulture/cut flower producers. The full details for both schemes are expected shortly.

Emergency Use application – UFU support NI potato industry

The Northern Ireland potato industry supported by UFU, have submitted an Emergency Use application with Chemical Regulation Division, Health and Safety Executive (CRD) for Diquat use in 2020. With the Northern Ireland salad potato crop reportedly lost, the industry have presented a comprehensive emergency use application to CRD. Northern Ireland are not alone experiencing desiccation problems and it is understood that other countries have secured emergency use approval.

Potato News Today, 17 August 2020