Norway begins checks on compliance with CLP labelling


Follow-up to 2017-2018 project includes biocides

Inspectors from Norway’s environment agency have embarked on a project to check that chemicals sold to consumers in the country contain the correct hazard labelling and packaging.

They are visiting stores to find out whether retailers are complying with obligations laid down in the EU’s CLP Regulation and are targeting products including cleaning agents, car and boat care products, and other chemicals for home use.

The exercise, which runs for the month of March, is a follow-up to checks conducted at stores between 2017 and 2018.

This year, inspectors will also check compliance under the EU’s biocidal products Regulation on goods including insecticides and repellents. An exercise from 2018 found that half of biocidal products checked contained substances that were banned or restricted.

In a separate project last year, inspectors detected incorrect hazard labelling and classification in nearly 90% of interior fragrance products.

Meanwhile, at the end of 2019, an EU-wide enforcement project report revealed that a significant number of classification and labelling of chemical mixtures did not meet basic legal obligations. The Echa Enforcement Forum’s REACH-En-Force (Ref-6) project saw inspectors in 29 countries checking 3,391 mixtures and inspecting 1,620 companies during 2018

ChemicalWatch, 5 March 2020