Nova Scotia Marking Clean Air Day With Action


The Province is making regulatory changes to help ensure the air Nova Scotians breathe is clean and healthy and that industrial noise does not impact people’s well-being.

Consultation on provincial Air Quality Regulations begins today, June 8, Clean Air Day. The focus is on the standards that are used to ensure industrial emissions have minimal impact on air quality.

“Our industries provide valuable jobs and economic opportunities throughout our province – we want to work with them to update these regulations to ensure ongoing sustainable development that protects our environment while helping both our economy and our people to thrive,” said Timothy Halman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change. “Updated, clear, modern environmental standards that are based on the latest science will help ensure Nova Scotia is a clean, healthy place to live, work and do business.”

The Department will have targeted consultation with the following stakeholders:

  • industries and businesses that produce air emissions
  • businesses that have an industrial approval to operate in Nova Scotia
  • industry professional associations and consultants
  • the Nova Scotia College of Respiratory Therapists
  • lung healthcare specialists
  • the Lung Association of Nova Scotia
  • Cystic Fibrosis Canada – Atlantic Office
  • environmental stewardship organizations
  • municipalities
  • the Halifax Chamber of Commerce
  • the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia.

Other interested Nova Scotians can offer input by sending an email to or filling in the general feedback form at:

The regulatory update will also take into account new World Health Organization Global Air Quality Guidelines and the most current science.

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Nova Scotia, 8-06-22