NYS lawmakers introduce legislation to crack down on ‘forever chemicals’ in water sources


Bipartisan group Seneca Lake Guardian, along with nonprofit Earthjustice, Senator Rachel May, and outgoing Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried, urged statewide action on pervasive PFAS chemicals Monday.

The toxic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, are known as ‘forever chemicals’ as they persist in the environment and are difficult to clean up.

PFAS are found in many everyday products including non-stick pans and popcorn bags.

Once these items make their way into landfills, leachate, or contaminated water containing PFAS makes its way into drinking water sources.

Seneca Meadows, New York’s largest landfill, produces 75 million gallons of leachate every year which is hauled, untreated, to Buffalo, Watertown, Chittenango, Steuben County and even Newark, New Jersey. All these locations bear the cost of filtering leachate out of local drinking sources.

In response to Sen. May and Assemblymember Dr. Anna Kelles announced the PFAS Surface Water Discharge Disclosure Act, legislation that would require annual testing for all facilities permitted to discharge water.

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WHAM, 20-09-22
; https://13wham.com/news/local/nys-lawmakers-introduce-legislation-to-crack-down-on-forever-chemicals-in-water-sources