PAC launches PIP 360° benchmarking tool


PAC Packaging Consortium free online tool scores product packaging based on factors including material type, weight, reuse/recyclability, renewable/recycled content; provides single score with recommendations for improvement

The industry association PAC Packaging Consortium has released a new online packaging benchmarking tool that “measures package circularity and identifies innovation pathways to better circular package designs and recycling processes.” The freely available tool allows users to input information about products and components that make up the packaging. This includes information about the type of material, weight, reusability, recyclability, compostability, and renewable/recycled content of the packaging components. The results are provided as a single score on a scale from 0 to 360 points, and recommendations of how to improve the score are provided. An option is available for a third party to certify the results. Two webinars have been scheduled for February 10 and March 3, 2021 for interested stakeholders to learn more about its use.

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Food Packaging Forum, 4 February 2021