Pennsylvania vows to regulate PFAS in drinking water—again. But regulations are at least two years away


Thousands of Pennsylvanians have been exposed to dangerous chemicals in their drinking water without knowing it, including people in the Pittsburgh region, but state-level regulations on the toxics remain at least two years away, according to state officials.

Pennsylvania first promised to tackle the issue in 2017, and in the meantime around 10 other states have moved forward with regulations to protect residents. While Pennsylvania officials say the process will take at least two more years, PFAS contamination is disrupting residents’ lives. Some residents of McKeesport, a town about 11 miles southeast of downtown Pittsburgh, recently went an entire month without drinking water as a result of local contamination.

Pennsylvania residents risk ongoing exposure unless local water authorities start voluntarily filtering PFAS out of drinking water—which is unlikely because they’re often underfunded and must prioritize the testing and removal of chemicals that are already regulated.

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~sPublic Source, 15 September 2021