Permethrin insect repellent clothing

All insect repellents used on humans, animals and the environment require registration with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) before they can be sold in Australia. This also applies to clothing impregnated and/or treated with insect repelling chemicals, such as permethrin. Even though permethrin is listed on our PubCRIS site as a safe and approved active constituent for a number of insect repellent products, all clothing treated with permethrin and other insect repellents must be registered with the APVMA. The APVMA has identified several companies who are supplying or selling clothing with impregnated repellents that are not registered with us. Clothing marketed as ‘insect repelling’ and is treated or impregnated with a chemical, including permethrin, needs APVMA registration. This can include hats, shirts, pants and socks. Clothing marketed as ‘protective’ (other than clothing treated with a chemical) does NOT need APVMA registration. This can include hats with nets or corks, hair nets, and elastic bands around shirt cuffs to keep insects away from skin. Over the coming months, we will be monitoring the Australian market for unregistered insect repellent clothing and where non-compliance is found, we may impose warnings, fines and compulsory recalls of unregistered products. For your insect repellent clothing to be legally sold in Australia, and to avoid fines, contact APVMA for advice on pre-application assistance or for more information, email us