Placing manufactured products on the market in Great Britain


What you need to do to comply with regulations on manufactured products you place on the market in Great Britain.


An individual, fully-manufactured product is placed on the market when it’s first made available for distribution, consumption or use on the GB market in the course of a commercial activity, whether in return for payment or free of charge.

This requires an offer or agreement for the transfer of ownership, possession, or any other property right of an individual product, after the stage of manufacture is complete.

‘Placing a product on the market’ refers to individual products and not a type of product. It does not require the physical transfer of the product.

You can usually provide proof of placing on the market on the basis of any relevant document ordinarily used in business transactions, including:

  • contracts of sale concerning goods which have already been manufactured and meet the legal requirements
  • invoices
  • documents concerning the shipping of goods for distribution

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