Plant insecticides containing feitrothion or phorate banned

From 1 July 2016, plant protection insecticides containing fenitrothion or phorate will no longer be able to be imported or manufactured in New Zealand. There are also time-limited approvals on plant protection insecticides that contain fenamiphos, methamidophos, prothiofos and terbufos (until 30 June 2023) and diazinon (until 30 June 2028). New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) reassessed a group of organophosphate and carbamate (OPC) insecticides used for plant protection purposes in a two-year process that ended in June 2013. This reassessment resulted in some substances having their approvals revoked immediately, while others were given time-limited approvals. OPCs play an important role in New Zealand’s biosecurity and agriculture industry, but they can harm the environment, and may cause short- and long-term health problems. Further information is available at: Read the decision document

NZ EPA Hazardous Substance Bulletin, 31 May 2016 ; ;