Plastic bags banned in Washington starting October 1


Single-use plastic bags will be banned in Washington state starting October 1.

The state’s Department of Ecology (DEC) announced the date Wednesday after a proclamation in Gov. Jay Inslee’s COVID-19 state of emergency delaying the ban was rescinded.

The ban was initially supposed to take effect on Jan. 1. It officially prohibits the distribution of single-use plastic bags, the types most often used by grocery stores, retail businesses and restaurants.

“Single-use plastic bags are not easily recyclable, which makes managing them at the end of their lives almost impossible,” said Laurie Davies, manager of Ecology’s Solid Waste Management Program.

The bags, according to DEC, are a common form of pollution that threatens the health of wildlife, the environment and even humans.

When chemicals are released from the production, use, incineration and even slow decay of plastic bags, they pose a risk to organic life.

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K5, 21 July 2021