Provide feedback on our proposed regulatory decisions on Methiocarb

On 27 August 2018, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) published the Methiocarb Proposed regulatory decisions report. The report is now open for consultation for a period of three months. Methiocarb is currently registered for use in the control of snails, slugs, false wireworm beetles, millipedes and slaters in a range of agricultural and home garden situations. After consideration of all data and assessments, APVMA have concluded that methiocarb active approvals and product registrations can continue provided the product labels are varied to delete, add or amend certain use patterns, amend safety directions and first aid instructions, add restraint statements and amend withholding periods. The details of these amendments are outlined in the report.

APVMA Regulatory Update, 6 September 2018 ;