Reassessment of methyl bromide


Stakeholders in Methyl Bromide Reduction Inc (STIMBR) have applied for a reassessment of methyl bromide.

The application, formally received on 9 April 2019, is to amend the controls on the use of methyl bromide, particularly the control that required that operators recapture methyl bromide from October 2020.

A remote hearing for this application was held from 11–17 August 2020. It was adjourned so that the Decision-making Committee (DMC) could deliberate its decision, based on the information presented before and during the hearing.

Latest update – 24 May 2021

In its Direction and Minute WGT032, the DMC directed parties to the reassessment to comment on additional information provided by the applicant, the Environmental Protection Authority, and WorkSafe New Zealand. This feedback is now available.

In Direction and WGT035, the DMC directed modelling experts to review the EPA Update Report 2. These reviews are now available.

In the 30th Memorandum of Counsel, the applicant asked for time to be able to provide their comments on the additional information. The DMC gave until 5pm on 21 May for the applicant to provide their comments, in its Direction and Minute WGT036.

New Zealand EPA, 31 May 2021