Reminder – upcoming GB active substance open invitation deadlines


Submit a notification by the deadline to keep active substances in the GB Review Programme

HSE has published an open invitation to provide an opportunity for a person, company or task force/consortium to notify an intention to take up or take over the role of participant in the GB Review Programme for the following active substance/product type combinations.

IMPORTANT: The open invitation list contains active substance/product type combinations that have not yet been supported in GB – product manufacturers are advised to check the list to find out if the active substances used in their products are affected and to raise this with their active substance suppliers.

Anyone wishing to support one of the active substance/product type combinations on the list in GB will need to submit a notification (.docx) to HSE by 12 November 2022.

If a notification to take over the role of participant is not received, these active substance/product type combinations will be subject to a GB non-approval decision. Biocidal products containing active substances with GB non-approval decisions for the relevant product types will have to be removed from the GB market. HSE will provide separate updates on these where relevant.

If you are aware of any disproportionate negative effects that are likely to arise from the non-approval of any of the active substance/product type combinations listed above, please contact us.

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