Renewal procedure for glyphosate as active substance for pesticides moves forward


The Assessment Group on Glyphosate (AGG) submitted updated versions of the Renewal Assessment Report (RAR) and the Harmonised Classification and Labelling (CLH) report to EFSA and ECHA. The updated version of the documents will become available for consultation after the two agencies carry out some administrative formalities. The assessment procedure will continue and will include public consultations (originally expected in September 2021), and subsequent peer-review by experts from the Member States. The parallel consultations that were announced for the first week of September 2021 will be rescheduled.

Glyphosate is currently approved as an active substance for pesticides until December 2022. The Commission appointed four Member States (France, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden) acting jointly as “rapporteurs” for the next assessment of glyphosate in 2019, and known as AGG. It concluded in June that glyphosate meets the approval criteria for active substances set in Plant Protection Products Regulation (PPPR) 1107/2009 (please see Sustainability Outlook June 2021).

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~sThe National Law Review, 10 September 2021