Research into backyard soil contaminants


The benefits of growing produce in your own backyard are well recognised – fresh, seasonal food that hasn’t travelled miles to get to you and is available when you need it.

However, less well known is the effect soil contaminants can have on backyard produce and human health. Macquarie University is focusing in on potential metal contaminants in garden soils through their soil testing program VegeSafe.

VegeSafe provides Australians the opportunity to submit soil samples for analysis and get advice for remedial action if contamination is present at unacceptable levels.For more information, including how to get involved, visit the VegeSafe website.

In New Zealand, the University of Auckland has partnered with GNS Science to run a similar testing program for New Zealand soils. To learn more about the Soilsafe program, visit the Soilsafe website.

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Food Standards Australia New Zealand, 25-03-22