Roadmap on carcinogens 2.0: New ambitions and concrete challenges to boost impact


On Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 November 2020 the German EU Presidency Conference ‘STOP Cancer at Work’ was held. During this online conference, the strategy for 2020-2024 was presented. With new ambitions and focus the Roadmap continues its quest to prevent exposure to carcinogens at work.

The core drivers of RoC 1.0 from 2016-2019 provide a profound and confirmed basis. For the next period from 2020-2024 we have established the following four goals:

Creating awareness through Europe among businesses and workers on the risks of exposure to carcinogenic substances and the need for preventive actions.

Providing help to businesses and workers in preventing exposure to carcinogens on the work floor and minimize its effect on the workforce.

Mobilising stakeholders and increasing the involvement of relevant parties to multiply our efforts throughout Europe.

Targeting innovation to bridge the gap between research findings and businesses’ needs.

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Roadmap on Carcinogens, 10 November 2020