Roadmap to net zero: delivering science-based targets in the apparel sector


The World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Apparel Impact Institute (Aii) introduce “Roadmap to Net Zero,” a report and guide calling for the system-wide collaboration needed to reduce GHG emissions of the apparel and footwear industry by 45% at minimum by 2030 and to zero by 2050.

By identifying six interventions in materials and production, the report offers a map to prioritize decarbonization efforts within the industry. These six interventions deliver more than 60% of the necessary reductions to align with the 1.5-degree Celsius scenario. 

Maximizing material efficiency.

Scaling sustainable materials and practices.

Accelerating the development of innovative materials.

Maximizing energy efficiency. 

Eliminating coal in manufacturing. 

Shifting to 100% renewable electricity.

A seventh intervention, to advance the circular economy, undergirds both materials and production.

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All, 12 November 2021