Rule changes will help Kiwis stay safe – at work and home

New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is seeking submissions on proposed rules aimed at protecting New Zealanders and the environment from hazardous substances. The proposals are part of the Government’s wider reform of New Zealand’s health and safety system. A consultation document proposes changes that will underpin the safe use and management of agricultural chemicals, which are harmful to the environment. It also covers the access, use and storage of very hazardous substances by the general public. EPA General Manager Siobhan Quayle explains: “The proposals are aimed at plugging regulatory gaps, and changes in the administration and management of hazardous substances as a result of the government’s strengthening of New Zealand’s health and safety laws. “For example, our aim is to provide better protection for birds, bees and other pollinators when hazardous substances are being used in agricultural settings. We also want to ensure safer storage, use and management of hazardous substances available on the domestic market.” The consultation document can be downloaded here. Submissions close on 21 November 2016.

NZ EPA, 12 October 2016 ; ;