The free-of-charge app for checking substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in products like clothing, sports equipment, toys etc. Use the app to scan the barcode of a product and send a request to the producer or retailer to obtain information about the presence of SVHCs in that product above a 0.1% threshold.

How it works

Just scan it!

Use your phone’s camera to scan barcodes and request harmful substance information.

You don’t have a barcode? Then the product name is enough.

Get information from our database

Get harmful substance information immediately if the product is in our database so that you can avoid products with SVHCs. The database is still in its early stages. Use your ‘right to know’ and send requests to companies, then they will fill the database!

Create your own request!

If information is not yet available in our database, you can send an automatic request via the app to the producer or retailer. The more requests they get, the more likely they will be to enter their product information in our database: Scan4Chem will get smarter – for the benefit of all consumers.

Life Ask REACH, 14 February 2020