Schedule for New Chemical Notification under Japan CSCL in 2017

On 20 September 2016, the three competent authorities of Japan’s Chemical Substances Control Law (CSCL), namely METI, MHLW and MOE, jointly announced the schedule (Jan ~ Dec, 2017) for new chemical substance notification under the relevant articles in CSCL: Ø  Article 3(1) – Notification pertaining to the manufacture, etc. of a new chemical substance Ø  Article 5(1) – Request pertaining to confirmation of a low volume new chemical substance Ø  Article 5(7) – Continuation of the evaluation of a low volume new chemical substance Ø  Article 7(1) – Notification concerning the manufacture, etc. of a new chemical substance by foreign manufactures A new chemical notification under CSCL usually goes through two rounds of evaluation, including the preliminary evaluation carried out by the 3 ministries independently and the second evaluation by the joint reviewing committee. The schedule for material submission is shown in the following table:   Application deadline for the preliminary evaluation Application deadline for the second evaluation (formal notification) Jan 2016/10/13 2017/1/17 Feb – 2017/2/10 Mar 2016/12/14 2017/3/10 Apr 2017/1/16 2017/4/7 May 2017/2/17 2017/5/12 Jun 2017/3/14 2017/6/9 Jul 2017/4/18 2017/7/14 Aug – 2017/8/4 Sep 2017/6/6 2017/9/8 Oct 2017/7/19 2017/10/13 Nov 2017/8/17 2017/11/10 Dec 2017/9/8 2017/12/8 The official instruction on preparation and submission of notification materials was slightly amended on 16 Sep 2016. Further information is available at: Notice of METI, MHLW and MOE on Schedule of New Chemical Substance Notification in 2017 (in Japanese)

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