Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety SCCS opinion on copper (nano) and colloidal copper (nano)


In total, 9 manufacturers notified the European Commision about 36 different products containing nanosized copper (nanoCu). For every copper dispersion, four different files were presented: a notification file, a safety file, a specification file and a file on the toxicity profile. After initial evaluation and a request for additional information, two manufacturers withdrew their products (n=7) from the notification. Therefore, these 7 products were excluded from evaluation, resulting in the final evaluation of 29 nanosized copper products produced by 7 manufacturers. For three different copper nanomaterials, notification files were provided. These were Copper Water nano-Tech 100 ppm, Copper Water nano-Tech 50 ppm, and ECO COPPER NANO-COLOID.

Full Report

European Commission, 28 October 2020