Scrutiny of new EU hydrogen regulations extended by two months


The European Commission has extended by two months the scrutiny period for new additionality and greenhouse gas (GHG) savings rules that could help establish a European hydrogen market this decade.

The rules, intended to help the EU target 10 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of renewable hydrogen production and another 10mtpa of hydrogen imports by 2030, could have come into force before March.

The European Parliament and Commission now have until April to accept or reject the proposals.

The first Delegated Act focuses on regulations for producing renewable hydrogen and additionality; specifically, the requirements for renewable electricity used in the production of renewable transport fuels of non-biological origin to be counted as fully renewable.

For additionality to be recognised under the rules, a renewable asset must not have received operating or investment aid and should not have come into operation more than 36 months before the hydrogen plant to which it is directly connected.

The second Delegate Act encompases GHG savings regulations and details the methodology that could be used for assessing GHG emissions savings from renewable liquid and gaseous transport fuel of non-biological origin, as well as from recycled carbon fuels.

Currently, the minimum GHG savings from the use of recycled carbon fuels are proposed at 70%.

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ICIS, 27-02-23