Sodium cyclamate and cyclohexylamine


These substances were identified for action under the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP).

Sodium cyclamate

Although a risk to human health or the environment has not been identified at current levels of exposure, sodium cyclamate has health effects of concern based on its potential to cause reproductive effects. Therefore, there may be a potential risk if exposure to this substance was to increase. An analysis of information related to current and potential future uses of sodium cyclamate suggest that it is unlikely that exposure will increase to levels of concern to human health. For this reason, follow-up activities to track changes in exposure and/or commercial use patterns for sodium cyclamate are not being considered at this time.


Although cyclohexylamine was not considered to be harmful to human health at levels of exposure considered in the assessment, it is considered to have a health effect of concern due to its potential to cause reproductive effects. Therefore, there may be a concern if exposures were to increase. The proposed follow-up activity for cyclohexylamine is to apply the SNAc provisions of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999).


Cyclohexylamine (CAS RN 108-91-8) was identified as being part of the Aliphatic Amines Group at the outset of the third phase of the CMP. This substance was subsequently moved to this assessment of sodium cyclamate, since cyclohexylamine is a metabolite of sodium cyclamate in mammals and cyclohexylamine data were used to assess the risk to human health of both substances.

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Government of Canada, 08-04-22