South Korea consults on plans to tighten K-BPR labelling regulations


Prohibitions to include wording implying a product has no toxicity

South Korea’s Ministry of Environment is consulting on plans to tighten the rules for the use of wording in labelling and advertising of chemical products under the consumer chemical products and biocides safety Act (K-BPR).

The proposed regulations cover the wording and descriptions used on packaging and in advertising for all consumer chemical products as defined under the K-BPR.

They would prohibit wording that could:

  • imply a product has no toxicity, such as ‘non-toxic’, ‘zero-toxic’ or ‘pure’;
  • imply the product has no negative impact on the environment (such as ‘natural’, ‘green’, ‘eco’ or ‘extracted from nature’) except where extracted substances and their contents are marked in detail;
  • imply the product is harmless so encourage excessive or incorrect use, such as ‘no impact on body’, ‘no harmful substances’, ‘kind [to body/skin]’, ‘safe for children’ or ‘protect children’; and
  • imply the product has no negative impact on humans or animals, such as ‘well-being’, ‘considered healthy’.

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Chemical Watch, 12-05-22