Sweden, Denmark and Norway Further Developing On-line Registration Portals

In the Nordic countries, manufacturers and importers must register their products to the Product Registry of the country. Also, the annual quantities and changes in trade names and compositions must be reported. Currently, these registries are moving towards on-line portals. In January 2017, Sweden launched an on-line portal for registrations to the Swedish Product Registry. The Swedish Chemical Agency is planning to extend the scope of this web-portal to include the reporting of Product-in-product, which is currently reported with a paper form. The updated web-portal is planned to be released in the autumn of 2017. Denmark and Norway have also made announcements regarding their Product Registries. The Danish Working Environment Authority has announced that the Danish Product Registry will be fully digital on April 1, 2017, and the Norwegian Environment Agency has stated that the Norwegian Product Registry will have a digital registration system available for foreign companies sometime this year. The non-confidential information from the Product Registers of the Nordic countries is included in the SPIN database. SPIN stands for Substances in Products in the Nordic Countries.

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