Sweden to survey chemicals in feminine care products

Sweden’s chemicals agency (Kemi) will survey chemicals in feminine care products, such as sanitary towels, tampons and menstrual caps, in 2017. Kemi considers it important to carry out surveillance on feminine care products on the grounds that: A large proportion of the population use sanitary protection regularly; Some products may come in contact with mucous membranes during use. In general, says the agency, companies are responsible for ensuring their products are safe to use. “There are no specific rules for chemicals in sanitary protection, but they are subject to the same chemical laws that apply to all types of goods within the EU.” Notably, the Chinese standard GB 15979 Hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products provides for microbial, toxicological and antibacterial indexes aimed at such products. The standard also serves as legal basis for the implementation of entry inspection and quarantine in China. Further information is available at: Kemi release (in Swedish)

CIRS, 16 June 2016 ;http://www.cirs-ck.com/en/ ;