Taiwan Drafts Amendment on Guidelines on Regulated Toxic Chemical Substances and the Management of Their Handling

On 25 April 2017, the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan (EPA) drafted an amendment on the Guidelines on Regulated Toxic Chemical Substances and the Management of Their Handling. The amendment is expected to be adopted on 1 August 2017 and enter into force on 1 January 2018. The Guidelines were published on 17 December 2007 in accordance to the Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act (TCSCA) Article 7, Article 11 and Article 25 Paragraph 4. The draft amendment serves as an action taken by EPA to deal with the recent food safety incidences and the presence of illegal chemical substances in the food supply chain. A total of 13 types of chemical substances were pre-announced as toxic chemical substances in the amendment. Their related activities such as import, manufacture, export and transport will be strictly controlled.

What are the changes?

Changed the Chinese name of Chromium carbonyl and its control standard to chromium concentration above 1%;

Added 13 types of chemical substances as Category 4 toxic chemical substances: Established the control concentration standard of above 1%;

Included improvement deadlines of these chemical substances;

Mandated the use of “Not for use in food” label on the container packaging of these chemical substances in addition to the required markings stipulated in the Toxic Chemical Substances Labelling and Materials Safety Data Sheets Regulations and other relevant regulations;

Removed list of improvement deadlines for Hexabromocyclododecane, ?-hexabromocyclododecane, ?-hexabromocyclododecane, ?-hexabromocyclododecane and 2, 4-diisocyanate

What are the expected actions?

For the newly added toxic chemical substances, the stakeholders must complete the obligations within the specified deadlines:

  • Complete the scheduled declaration by January 2018;
  • Complete the required labelling and marking by June 2018;
  • Obtain approvals for the handling of the regulated substances by December 2018.

Further information is available at:

ChemAdvisor, 31 July 2017 ; https://www.chemadvisor.com