Taiwan Updates Guidance and FAQ for Chemical Commodity Importation Pre-Confirmation

On 24 June 2016 Taiwan issued the 2nd version of Guidance on Chemical Commodity Importation Pre-Confirmation (CCIP). Pre-confirmation of chemical commodities on the CCIP platform is currently voluntary. Stakeholders are encouraged to declare and confirm if there are any chemical substances contained in goods subject to new and existing chemical registration before importation. Compared to the 1st version, the requirement for providing Chinese and English names of new and existing chemical substances that are exempt from registration is deleted. In the updated guidance only the registration exemption eligibility criteria are required. In addition, minor changes on words and sentences were made without impact on pre-conformation requirements. The supporting FAQ document was updated with one new question appended. The FAQ was last updated on 27 Apr 2016. The question most recently incorporated into this FAQ document is on whether goods of the same composition that have different “Goods Names” need to do pre-conformation on the CCIP platform. The answer is yes, the CCIP system is developed based on Taiwan’s national clearance and licensing operation system. Different goods names correspond to separate pre-confirmations. The English version of the updated FAQ document is now available. In case of discrepancies in interpretation, the Traditional Chinese version shall prevail. Guidance on Chemical Commodity Importation Pre-Confirmation (Chinese version) English version of the updated FAQ document

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