Thailand publishes new standards for food contact plastics


Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) officially publishes standards for plastic utensils and microwaveable containers that come into contact with food; standards set migration limits for plastic food contact materials and defines how compliant packaging must be tested and marked; new standards effective January 3, 2023; improperly marked food contact articles will not be allowed on the market after the effective date

In April 2022, the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) officially published five standards concerning plastic utensils and microwaveable plastic containers that will go into effect January 3, 2023. Three regulations pertain to plastic utensils used for food preparation, storage, or consumption as well as defining the materials and safety standards for single-use and reuse under different application scenarios for different polymers. The second two regulations establish similar standards for plastic bags made of virgin plastics and for microwavable plastic bags.

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Food Packaging Forum, 02-06-22