Thailand updates cosmetics regulations

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health (MoH) has issued three notifications updating cosmetics regulations. The notifications, all issued on 19 October, became effective the following day and:

  • update the list of permitted preservatives;
  • require warning statements on labels of products containing specific preservatives; and
  • update the list of prohibited substances.

The revised list of 56 permitted preservatives replaces the list issued in 2017. The list of substances banned and restricted for use in cosmetics products imported or manufactured in Thailand was first issued in 2016. The lists have been issued in English and use Cas numbers. However, usage thresholds and specific requirements are in Thai. Thailand’s restrictive substances lists mostly align with the Asean Cosmetic Directive (ACD) to which it is party. However, some thresholds vary and updates to the ACD can take time to enter into Thai regulations.

Chemical Watch, 15 November 2018 ;