The European plastics system needs significant change within five years to meet long-term circularity and net zero emissions goals.


ReShaping Plastics – Pathways to a Circular, Climate Neutral Plastics System in Europe finds that a fully circular, net zero carbon emissions plastics system in Europe is possible. However, achieving it will require radical innovation, ambitious policies and significant capital investment. Cooperation between industry, government and civil society is the critical success factor underlying all of these.

ReShaping Plastics focuses on four of the most important plastic-using sectors: packaging, household goods, automotive, and construction, and presents six scenarios, outlining which actions should be prioritized for different plastic applications in order to meet circularity and climate mitigation goals.

To achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, multiple less mature, innovative technologies and approaches need to be developed and deployed in addition to proven circular economy levers to further decrease GHG emissions and decouple plastic from fossil fuel feedstocks.

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Systemiq, 7-04-22