The Mediterranean is in danger as the planet heats up


Today, the Mediterranean basin is a hotspot of climate change.

The region is warming 20% faster than the rest of the world, and 250 million of its inhabitants will be living under severe water stress by 2040. Meanwhile, the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events continue to increase, and a third of the region’s population the coastal population will be affected by sea level rise in the coming decades. Faced with an intensifying triple crisis on climate, biodiversity and water, it is clear that bold action is needed to reverse the impacts that are already afflicting the region and its people, including loss of ecosystem services and land, crop failure, water pollution and mortality from heat – all of which will increasingly jeopardize social, economic and political stability as they worsen.

In this context, the new nature restoration law of the European Union’s Green Deal agenda offers the perfect opportunity to galvanize regional action. However, in its current form, published by the European Commission last week, it simply does not go far enough to reflect the urgency of the challenges facing the Mediterranean – in particular, when it comes to prioritizing our wetlands, which can offer unique solutions to all three crises.

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The Bharatexpress, 30-06-22