The official controls (plant protection products) regulations (OCR) 2020: guidance and notification form


DEADLINE PASSED: Businesses must register their use of PPPs

The deadline for registration under OCR was 22 September.

Businesses are still able to register and must do so immediately. This is a legal obligation under regulation 5 of the OCR.

If you are a business that imports, manufactures, processes, distributes or sells professional plant protection products (PPPs), their ingredients or adjuvants in Great Britain, then you must register your company details, product types, and storage capacity using this form on GOV.UK.

There is guidance on GOV.UK explaining how to use the form and who needs to register.

Businesses that place only amateur products on the market or that only use professional PPPs should not register now, but will need to follow a similar process in the future. More information will follow.

The EU Official Controls Regulation (OCR) aims to improve feed and food safety, animal health and welfare and plant health by applying official controls throughout the agri-food supply chain.

The Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) Regulations 2020 apply the OCR to PPPs in Great Britain. They introduce a new requirement for operators throughout the PPP supply chain to notify their competent authority. In England this is the Secretary of State. In Wales and Scotland this is the Welsh and Scottish Ministers.

Read more in this policy statement.

HSE, 7 October 2021
; guidance on GOV.UK