The recognition of the Mass Balance Chain of Custody is key to accelerating chemical recycling and meeting the EU’s climate and circularity targets


The EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive and the proposal for a revised Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation set out recycling targets for used packaging in order to reduce packaging waste and promote the use of recycled content in new packaging. In particular, the European Commission’s proposal for the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation stipulates that at least 50% of all plastic waste in the EU be recycled by 2025.

The EU chemical industry supports a broad EU action to tackle waste and accelerate recycling. Where recycled content targets are concerned, chemical recycling technologies developed by the industry are a viable option to curb plastic waste and can complement mechanical recycling.

For the chemical recycling rates to accelerate in the EU, industry needs to invest more in chemical recycling facilities. For the investments to take off, clarity about the use of a mass balance chain of custody method to calculate the recycled content of plastics in products is required. Unfortunately, the current Commission proposal does not provide enough clarity on the use of this method which can hamper further progress of chemical recycling.

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CEFIC, 11-01-23