The update of the ZDHC MRSL Version 2.0 to Version 3.0 includes several new restrictions including on all PFAS used for textile, footwear, and leather treatments.


Today ZDHC announces harmful chemical substances to be added to the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC MRSL) in Version 3.0 including PFAS treatments used for textiles, leather, and footwear. This announcement highlights the expected changes for MRSL Version 3.0 which will be released on the Roadmap to Zero website (

The updated ZDHC MRSL V3.0 will be published by ZDHC on 1 November 2022 with a transition period of 12 months for effective implementation by all stakeholders.

The ZDHC MRSL is a living document, and is updated as needed following the published MRSL Principles and Procedures (PnP) document.

“The new ZDHC MRSL Version 3.0 sets a clear and unified signal from the apparel and footwear sector of the chemistries that need to be avoided across this and other manufacturing sectors as well as where innovation is needed. The restriction on all PFAS for textile, leather, and footwear finishing is consistent with growing scientific and policy concerns about the impacts of the class of PFAS chemicals. We look forward to working with ZDHC in growing the commercialisation, adoption, scale of safer, more sustainable chemistries and materials to address the toxicity, biodiversity, and climate impacts of our current generation of chemicals.”

– Joel Tickner, ScD, Professor of Public Health UMass Lowell and Executive Director Green Chemistry & Commerce Council.”

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Road Map to Zero, 19-09-22