The working with silica guide has been translate into six languages and will help protect those who work with silica or products containing silica


Working with natural and engineered stone, asphalt, concrete, bricks or pavers can expose workers to silica dust. This guide provides information about reducing exposure to silica dust when working with silica and silica containing products. It will help persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) to understand and make decisions about protecting their workers from exposure to silica dust.

The guide for Working with silica and silica containing products is now available in:


Chinese (simplified)

Chinese (traditional)


Italian, and


These languages were chosen as PCBUs from non-English speaking backgrounds are common in workplaces that use silica containing products, with Vietnamese, Chinese and Greek the primary languages spoken.

More information about crystalline silica and silicosis, including what it is, what work activities generate silica dust and how to reduce the dust, can be found on our website.

22 October 2019

Safe Work Australia, 30 June 2020