Try our new Inventory search (beta)


We invite you to try our new search experience for the Australian Inventory of Industrial Chemicals (Inventory).


  • Table view – up to 50 results are displayed per page with each ‘Inventory terms of listing’ shown in columns
  • Column sorting – sort any column in ascending or descending order (one column at a time only)
  • Broader search – you can now also search other Inventory fields such as molecular formula, ‘defined scope of assessment’, ‘conditions of introduction and use’ and ‘specific information requirements’
  • ‘Begins with’ search – if you type in a few characters, it will find any matches beginning with those characters
  • Wildcard search – this advanced search lets you use asterisks (*) to find words that start with or end with particular characters, or contain a set of characters
  • More targeted results for chemical name searches – if you enter the exact CAS name of a chemical that’s on the Inventory, you will get a single result
  • ‘Download the Inventory’ button – a quick link to download a snapshot of the Inventory (important: the downloadable version of the Inventory is updated around twice per year, so it’s not current and is not the official complete Inventory)
  • Chemical record number or ‘CR No.’ is a unique number that AICIS assigns to each listing on the Inventory. You need to click the ‘CR No.’ link to see the chemical’s Inventory listing details.

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Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme, 28-04-22