UK | Revision of GB Biocidal Products Regulation Annexes II and III


This consultation relates to the Great Britain Biocidal Products Regulation (GB BPR) (Regulation EU No 528/2012). GB BPR applies to the supply and use of biocidal products. Biocidal products are products that control harmful organisms, and include insecticides, rodenticides, wood preservatives, anti-fouling coatings on ships, disinfectants, and hand sanitisers. Biocides are essential to society to protect human health and infrastructure but can also cause risks to human and animal health and the environment if used incorrectly. GB BPR therefore aims to ensure a high level of protection for both human and animal health and the environment.

UK HSE is consulting on proposed revisions to Annexes II and III of GB BPR, which deal with the following:

Annex II – information requirements for biocidal active substances. The Annex details the information that must be submitted by applicants who wish to apply for a biocidal active substance to be approved.

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Chemycal, 13-02-23