US EPA seeks data on asbestos imports and uses


The US Environmental Protection Agency wants to know how much asbestos, including asbestos in mixtures and products, was imported or processed in the US over the last 4 years. It also wants information on how asbestos was used and on worker exposure.

Asbestos manufacturers, processors, and importers would need to report such information under a proposed rule the EPA announced May 5.

“Strong data and the best available science are the foundation of our work to protect communities from hazardous chemicals like asbestos,” Michal Freedhoff, head of the EPA’s chemical safety office, says in a statement. “Getting a more comprehensive and complete set of data on how and where this chemical is used is part of EPA’s broader effort to evaluate the health risks from asbestos and, when needed, put protections in place.”

The EPA committed to collecting the data as part of a legal settlement with the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) and other public health and environmental groups.

“The lack of reporting obligations by the asbestos industry has been a gaping hole in EPA’s efforts to protect Americans from exposure to this lethal carcinogen,” Linda Reinstein, president and cofounder of ADAO, says in a statement.

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Chemical & Engineering News, 6-05-22