Variation of inventory listing following revocation of CBI approval


On 26 August 2020, the Executive Director varied the terms of the Inventory listing for the industrial chemical with CAS number 2415656-58-3 because approval had been revoked for the proper name of the industrial chemical to be treated as confidential business information (CBI). The terms of the listing as varied are:

<b>CAS Number</b>


<b>CAS Name</b>

Formaldehyde, polymer with tetrapropylenephenol, magnesiumsalt

<b>Molecular Formula</b>


<b>Specific information requirements</b>

Obligations to provide information apply. You must tell uswithin 28 days if the circumstances of your importation or manufacture(introduction) are different to those in our assessment.

~sAustralian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme, 28 August 2020