What does ‘significant’ or ‘significantly’ mean in a specific information requirement?


An Inventory listing for a chemical may include a ‘specific information requirement’. This means that we have assessed the chemical and you are obligated to tell us about your introduction in certain situations.

To help you meet these obligations, we’ve added more details to our page on ‘what is a specific information requirement’.

The information includes:

  • An example of a ‘specific information requirement’ you may see on an Inventory listing
  • Examples of when we use the words ‘significant’ or ‘significantly’ to describe situations where you are proposing to use the chemical in an way that is different to what we originally assessed
  • Various scenarios to help you understand how specific information requirements could work and how you could meet your obligations, if required
  • What to do if you can’t find our assessment report

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AICIS, 19-09-22
; https://www.industrialchemicals.gov.au/news-and-notices/what-does-significant-or-significantly-mean-specific-information-requirement