Working Safer Reforms – Hazardous Substances

Over the next few months New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) will be releasing a set of reissued draft group standards for review. The agency intends to have these reissued group standards in place for the first day of the new regime. These reissued group standards will reflect the movement of workplace controls to the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substance) Regulations and will cross-refer to EPA notices where relevant. Existing hazardous substances covered under group standards will have four years to comply with the notices. The reissued standards will have only minor changes – if you’re compliant now, you will be compliant with the new standards too. Hazardous substances approved now will remain approved on ‘day 1’. They will also retain the same approval number even if they have been reissued. Therefore, the reissued group standards will have the same approval number as they do now.

NZ EPA Hazardous Substance Update, 29 May 2017 ; ;