Workplace exposure standard review


Safe Work Australia is evaluating the Workplace exposure standards for airborne contaminants to ensure they are based on the highest quality, contemporary evidence and supported by a rigorous scientific approach.

The draft evaluation reports and recommendations for the workplace exposure standards (WES) are provided for your information.

Each report includes:

a recommended WES value

information about the basis of the recommendation, and

a summary of the data relied upon to make the recommendation.

The recommended WES values are health-based recommendations made by expert consultants using the agreed methodology (External link)

developed by Safe Work Australia, and have been independently peer reviewed.

We would like your feedback on these values, in particular, comments of a technical nature regarding:

the toxicological information and data that the value is based upon, and

the measurement and analysis information provided.

We are seeking comments of a technical nature on the draft evaluation reports and recommendations for the workplace exposure standards throughout the project.

The workplace exposure standards currently open for feedback are listed below.

Your feedback is important for Safe Work Australia Members in making recommendations to Work Health and Safety (WHS) Ministers about any changes to the workplace exposure standards. Changes to the workplace exposure standards only become mandatory once agreed by a majority of WHS Ministers and adopted in the WHS laws in the Commonwealth, states and territories.

The public consultation for the workplace exposure standards (WES) review (External link) will recommence on 1 February 2021 with Release 15: Paraffin wax to Zirconium compounds. Release 15 will also contain all reports deferred from previous releases.

This date also marks the final date that feedback will be accepted on previous releases 2-14. You can continue to submit your comments for these releases via our dedicated inbox

until 1 February 2021. Please indicate the chemical/s that you are providing feedback for and whether your feedback is for yourself or on behalf of your organisation.

You will be able to provide feedback for Release 15: Paraffin wax to Zirconium compounds until 30 July 2021 after which time feedback and recommendations will be finalised.

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Safe Work Australia, 1st February 2021