A mathematic model related organic solvent exposure with poison effect

In this study, the author discusses a mathematic model related to organic solvent exposure concentration with toxic damage on human body in occupational environment. According Albert Einstein’ equation E)mc2, the derivation of a mathematic model for quantitative health damage caused by on-site concentration of an organic solvent was performed. The mathematic model for effects of health damage was K’)(CTWA/OEL) n. N was the value of organic solvent toxicity characteristics and named as the toxicity index of organic solvent. The cumulative effect of an organic solvent was HE)(CTWA/OEL) n ×duration (a). When the organic solvent concentration is higher than the Occupational exposure limit (OEL), the toxic damage on health is severe. The increasing OEL exceeding times can make more serious harm to the worker and the effect factor is in exponential function form.

Author: Cui, Qiang ;Full Source: Zhiye Yu Jiankang 2011, 27(23), 2682-2684 (Chinese) ;