A study of the implications of organophosphorus agrochemical residues poisoning in patients with mental disorders

The aim of this study was to investigate the possible link between the mental disorder and the poisoning due to some organophosphorus agrochemicals. The study was done on a population of 40 patients and 40 healthy individuals. Open acid digestion method was used to extract organophosphate residues from blood and head hair samples. Ten patients were found to be positive for azinphos Me at concentrations between 0.87 and 5.19 íg kg-1 in hair and 6.27 to 10.98 íg kg-1 in blood samples. These values fall above the FAO/WHO threshold limits and hence the possible links to the mental disorder problems.

Authors: Olabanji, I. Oluremi; Msagati, Titus A. M.; Ngila, J. Catherine; Oluyemi, E. Ayodele; Mamba, Bhekie B. ;Full Source: Trends in Applied Sciences Research 2011, 6(8), 890-899 (England) ;