A to Z of air environment and health effects due to exposure at workplaces

In the current study, the authors discussed workplace air pollution and health effects from exposure to same. Topics discussed include: pollution sources (natural, anthropogenic, point source, area source, line source); primary emission sources (area, point, mobile); secondary emission sources (SOx, NOx, volatile org. compounds, NH3); air pollutant classification (natural, gaseous, particulate); health effect from workplace exposure to SO2, Pb, Cd, and Zn (particulate matter [sources, health effects], SO2 [sources health effects, exposure/effect relationships, workplace exposure effect], Pb, Cd [health effects], Zn [health effects]); developing a workplace air quality index (approach and method, calculations, assumptions); and conclusion.

Authors: Siddiqui, T. Z.; Siddiqui, F. Z. ;Full Source: Environmental Pollution Control Journal 2011, 14(5), 42-47 (Eng) ;