A weekly administered sustained-release growth hormone reduces visceral fat and waist circumference in abdominal obesity

The study aimed to evaluate whether weekly administered low dose of sustained-release recombinant human growth hormone (SR-rhGH) could play a therapeutic role in the treatment of abdominal obesity. Prospective, single-arm, open-label, multicentre pilot study was carried out. Participants were 26 adults aged 40-65 years old with abdominal obesity (male: waist circumference >90 cm, female: waist circumference >85 cm). The subjects were given 3 mg of SRCA rhGH, administered s.c., weekly for 26 week SR-rhGH treatment for 26 week increased the IGF-1 level by 56.53. After 26 week, SR-rhGH treatment reduced abdominal visceral adipose tissue (VAT) from 140.35 to 128.43. Average waist circumference decreased from 96.25 to 91.93 after treatment. However, body weight or lean body mass did not show any significant change. The authors concluded SR-rhGH treatment for 26 week reduced abdominal visceral fat and waist circumference without severe adverse events. Further studies may be considered on the role of weekly administered SR-rhGH as a treatment for abdominal obesity.

Authors: Hong, J. W.; Park, J. K.; Lim, C.-Y.; Kim, S. W.; Chung, Y.-S.; Kim, S. W.; Lee, E. J. ;Full Source: Hormone and Metabolic Research 2011, 43(13), 956-961 (Eng) ;